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Trefoil, your trusted fuel supplier


Trefoil is an Independent physical Bunker Fuels supplier and offers a variety of Marine fuels. Being member of Burando Maritime Services since 2010, Trefoil fulfils Burando’s ‘one-stop-ship’ model. Starting back in 1982, Trefoil has always been able to secure a top 5 position in the supply of Marine Fuels in the ARA-Region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp). We are the local specialist in supplying bunker fuels for inland and seagoing vessels, such as:

·       Cargo Vessels

·       Tankers

·       Ferry's

·       Cruise Ships

·       Tug Boats

·       Yachts

·       Offshore Vessels

·       Military Operation Vessels

·       and many more....


All of our supplied marine-fuels meet at least ISO8217:2010 Standards, offering a high quality and globally known compatible product. Upon request we are as well able to sell Marine Fuels with Typical Specifications.

Our main focus lies in the Ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg, but we do offer as well for the smaller ports in between, such as Dordrecht, Moerdijk and Vlissingen (Flushing). Except for just Bunkering Fuels, Trefoil as well resells Marine Fuels for third parties.

With over 35 years of cumulative experience, Trefoil has deep knowledge of operations and local regulatory considerations in which adds a real and significant value to its clients base. Trefoil spans their area by having 3-offices, which are all strategically located. Each office offers professionals who know their business and their local market. By having a Full operations back-up, 24-hours, 7-days a week availability, Trefoil has a pro-active culture providing solutions through knowledge and experience. When ordering your bunkers with Trefoil, we take care of not just your bunkers ordered, but as well we handle your local custom declaration, VAT and other excise duties.

Being a proud member of Burando Maritime Service, Trefoil is bunkering mainly with barges owned within the group in which offers a reliable and smooth bunker-supply. As an independent supplier, Trefoil is not driven by market share or volume growth, but financial stability and security are our key-elements of our successful bunkering operation. 


Ship Spares Logistics


Crane barge deliveries of stores, spares and provisions (2018 figures)




Marine fuel supply operations throughout the ARA region (2018 figures)


FTS Hofftrans

7.420.000 tons

Total transported and physical supplied volumes (2018 figures)